Welcome to Storm Cosmetics, formed by two best friends (for over 20 years!) who have a passion for all things beauty & makeup, a love for how it makes us all feel and a love for feeling our
best and most confident. 

Let me tell you how this all started…

Rewind to lockdown 2020 as most days on facetime together we started talking about owning a business together, thinking of what we could bring to the market, with so many
ideas we didn’t know where to start!

After a lot of going back and forth and Liv’s love for false eyelashes we thought what a great
place to start! But it couldn’t just be any false strip eyelashes, it had to be luxury strip eyelashes that had an emphasis on both quality and affordability.

Over the course of many many months…. We had hundreds of samples of strip lashes from manufacturers, but none of them were standing
out to us, none of them we wanted to put our name to.

We were both working full time jobs and after the UK came out of lockdown and back to normal, Storm Cosmetics was slowly getting forgotten about, even though we had found our manufacturer and ordered hundreds of lashes and the packaging! We had already done so much for Storm Cosmetics and without any guidance of how to start a business it all just fizzled out.

Fast forward to start of 2023, we decided not to give up and give it another go! We went back to our manufacturer and designed different style lashes, got brand new packaging for the lashes (the last ones were awful but at the time we thought they were perfect!) and finally designed our website.

We finally launched 23rd November 2023!

We still are a small business ran by just the two of us, even though we both still work full time jobs, Storm Cosmetics is a passion of ours, certainly has its up and downs and even now at times it is hard to carry on as we don’t have the funding like other companies to promote our business but we refuse to give up.

We hope for Storm Cosmetics to not just be a lash brand and when the time is right we want to bring lots of new products to our customers! We truly feel so passionate about Storm Cosmetics and we have gone through every step of the process together. From creating the logos, to selecting finishes on the boxes, to selecting our manufacturer, to
the little (but big things) like working out how to register our company name, we’ve done it all.

But for now we hope you love our luxury strip lashes that we have invested so much into.

Love Liv & Bella xxx